astermind groups are an invaluable tool for personal growth, and networking with other like-minded individuals. Chances are you already know the benefits of a mastermind group or you wouldn’t be reading this. If you want to better understand mastermind groups, head over to this article. Otherwise, read on.

You determine your level of engagement. The more you give the more you get.

GEORGE MORRIS, 150 Founder

Here is how we do it

Select your engagement level.

Networking Level membership gives you access to the mastermind group Slack channel as well as a monthly virtual networking meeting over Zoom. In these meetings we set a topic and randomly mix members together into smaller groups where individual conversations are setup, giving members a chance to get to know each other. Members mix within their mastermind group and also across mastermind groups.

  • 90 Min Monthly Networking Meeting (optional)
  • Slack Access

Cohort Level membership is for those who want to go deeper. Cohorts are a group of 6 to 8 members gathering twice a month, for an hour, over Zoom with a moderator. Members discuss their challenges, needs, thoughts and learnings between each gathering. These groups stick together for 6 months before being disbanded and reshuffled with other members.

  • Two, 60 Min Cohort Meetings Per Month. (required)
  • 90 Min Monthly Networking Meeting (optional)
  • Slack Access

Select your mastermind group. See our current offerings below.

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