I’m excited to launch the seventh iteration of the 150. It’s been a continual learning process that creates a better mastermind group with each phase. This time around I’ve introduced a few new tweaks that I believe will make the group more connected, engaged and informed.

  1. Powwows: These are timed mini groups that mix members for 10 mins at a time. The members field a question or two in the time allocated with their small group of 3 to 4 members. At the end of the allocated time, the members meld back into the main larger group to be reshuffled and mixed back into the mini groups. This cycle repeats for an hour long session where members are constantly engaging and adapting to new questions.
  2. Networking Level: For members that can’t make the scheduled cohort meetings, they can opt to take part of the networking level where they stay engaged over Slack, and can attend a Powwow but don’t necessarily have any meeting commitments. It’s a good way for new members to get their feet wet in the 150, meet others and for existing members to slow down engagement to adapt to their needs.

This iteration will run for 6 months and then we’ll create a new pivot based on what is learned.