Rethink Caffeine!

Michael Pollan, known for his best-selling nonfiction audio, including The Omnivores Dilemma and How to Change Your Mind, conceived and wrote Caffeine: How Caffeine Created the Modern World as an Audible Original. In this controversial and exciting listen, Pollan explores caffeine’s power as the most-used drug in the world—and the only one we give to children (in soda pop) as a treat.

Special Codes for PPP and BlueVine

We’ve heard rumors from colleagues that there are special PPP codes for women and minority owned business. We’re digging into this one. In the meantime, the best experience for getting PPP has been through BlueVine.

Build Team Relationships While Working at Home

Members shared great success with HumbleDot. The tool prompts questions of your team so members can better get to know each other. Super useful for keeping a more human connection with your team, remotely.

Structural Reading?

One of our members set out to conquer a tome of books of her lifetime. To help speed the learning she organized the books by topic area to improve retention and immersion into the subject. Not a bad idea!

About the Author George Morris

Let's cut right to the chase. I've been an entrepreneur for 20+ years and along the way I've found a deep passion for helping other entrepreneurs connect, grow their businesses and most importantly, grow as individuals. I'm a Scaling Up Business Coach and Lead Facilitator for The 150.