September 29, 2021

I left Fastmarkets a few weeks back and rekindled my business coaching practice. When I updating LinkedIN I forgot to disable the "Notify my network." The price I paid was a messaging inbox filled with over 200+, automated, non-human messages saying the same exact phrase, "Congrats on your new role!" From what I could tell, only 3 people reached out with actual human messages, and I took the time to reply back and thank them. 

Some would say it's the spirit of the message that counts and I should appreciate the fact that my connections thought to click on a pre-written "Congrats!" button or turn-on a LinkedIN Bot automation.

I'm not so sure.

Let's assume for a moment that you want to be human and original in an increasingly digital and robotized world and let me give you some perspective on the amount of time, effort, money and resources that goes into this type of automated messaging:

- The average user has over 930 connections. Counting just 10 seconds per message, the time to do this manually would be 3,162 minutes or 53 hours roughly. 

- Bots are not personalized, tailored or dynamic - they are static and often read like an English language exam exercise.

- Bots are not engaging and do not build relationships.

- Bots are impersonal and, quite frankly, creepy - the net result of the way LinkedIN is designed: For everyone to be seen at all times including you! Bots feel like spam.

- And bots tend to inflate user numbers which counts towards LinkedIn's performance metrics.

LinkedIn is a two edged sword.

On one hand you can use it to build your credibility and reputation. On the other, LinkedIn is prone to sensationalize your network numbers which in turn feeds back into their metrics either positively or negatively, whichever works best for them at the time. It's no wonder that they are not transparent with how these metrics work.

This might seem like a rant, but it's really not. It's more of an observation from someone who understands what goes on behind the scenes only to be hidden and buried under an illusion of simplicity and ease.

So, LinkedIn: Please stop with your automated messaging!

You're making things worse for all of us - both in terms of time and business resource use.

And to my connections: If you want to message me, please do so - in your own words.

Speak like a human being with unique thoughts and views, THAT'S what builds connections and trust between humans. 

About the Author George Morris

Let's cut right to the chase. I've been an entrepreneur for 20+ years and along the way I've found a deep passion for helping other entrepreneurs connect, grow their businesses and most importantly, grow as individuals. I'm a Scaling Up Business Coach and Lead Facilitator for The 150.