About The 150


I was shooting from the hip when growing my interactive agency, Imulus, over a 14 year period. My cowboy ways worked for a few years, yet I knew that tactic would fail to scale Imulus beyond our initial success. Occasionally, I’d grab lunch with colleagues, ask other founders how they would think about leadership and company growth, yet nothing really stuck. Seems the answers I were given were superficial, lacking any deep understanding of my company and it’s unique challenges. Then I was introduced to the concept of peer groups. The 5 years that followed were some of the richest years of my life. I grew in all aspect and built REAL connections that are still instrumental in how I operate today. 

The 150 is a closed entrepreneurial community where we practice confidential sharing of personal experiences in an effort to help each of us grow in business and life. We’re not your friends, employees or family, we’re your peers and we can identify with your challenges and share your excitement around all the possibilities you see. As for the name, it is inspired from the work of Dr. Robin Dunbar and his research around community size.

If you are an experience entrepreneur looking to jump into a community of other entrepreneurs playing the same game as you, then I’d invite you to apply today. I personally respond to every application in less than 48 hours.


George Morris
Founder, Entrepreneur and Lead Facilitator of The 150