Join Us? Read On…

Let's Start with 5 Reasons Why You Shouldn't Join

This isn't your typical networking, mastermind or peer-group. We do things a bit different and for 98% of the people who read this, we're not a match.

Here are a few considerations before applying:

1. We're small, as of Oct '21 we are approximately 20 members, and our goal is 150 members. That pails in comparison to groups like EO, YPO, Vistage, Baby Bathwater, which have a wide membership across North America and the Globe. Even when we hit our goal of 150, that is only about the average size of an EO local chapter. 

2. We're virtual. Studies show the best human connections are face-to-face. We are at a significant disadvantage because we are a remote, geographically diverse group of members that rarely gather face-to-face. 

3. Lacking Major Exits. Most of the members of The 150 are still active in their companies and haven't exited for "Mojito Island", to enjoy the "Good Life." Our members are still working "in" or "on" their companies, or formulating new companies to start. 

4. No Major Personalities. Our members aren't household names. We can't point to a business celebrity who has roots within The 150. 

5. Weak Brand Recognition. Unlike the other groups mentioned, The 150 isn't a well known brand. The above organizations mentioned are brands with a level or respect attached to them. Being a member distinguishes you in a class of entrepreneurs that have crossed a level of "success." We're not there yet. 

Turned Off Yet?

If you can live with all the above weaknesses, then we'd encourage you to read on about applying. 

Throughout your time in the 150 you’ll have the ability to upgrade and downgrade your membership status every month. Once we reach 150 members, new members will only be added when we drop members for inactivity OR a member sells their seat in the community. The Full Cohort is our 90-min, bi-weekly group call. That's where the real meaty value is. Community Membership gives you free access to our networking sessions and a few of our speaker presentations. 

Full Cohort Membership is currently $149/month.
Community Membership is free.

Below is a break down of our pricing tiers.

  • Start-up stage, sub 10 members $95/month.
  • Early stage, between 11 and 25 members $149/month. (Closing Soon)
  • Growth stage, between 26 and 75 members $179/month. 
  • Mid stage, between 76 - 125 members $225/month. 
  • Late stage, 126 to 150 members $275/month. 
  • Capped stage. Access dependent on member's selling their seats. 

We're on the socials :)