We got it, you have questions about how all this works. Hence these FAQs should help. If we still didn't answer your question fully, please reach out.

  1. Do I have to be an active entrepreneur to join? Yes, you do have to be actively engaged as an entrepreneur to join. Ideally we're looking for members that have been active for at least a year, full-time, as an entrepreneur.
  2. What level of revenue do I need to join The 150? We don't have a revenue limit as long as you've hired and fired employees in the past with either your current company or a past company you've started.
  3. How often do you meet? Our Cohorts (private facilitated groups) meet twice a month for approximately 75 - 90 minutes. Outside of those groups we typically have 2 community events / speakers that present as well as a general Speed Networking session once per month, called Powwow.
  4. Do you have physical events? Generally no, but occasionally we plan a get together where we meet in person. Given that our community is pretty far & wide it's tough to gather the tribe on a regular basis.
  5. Can member's make presentations? Absolutely, we encourage you to present your ideas to the community for feedback and advice if that is what you are seeking?
  6. How do you handle confidential information? We treat it like Las Vegas, "what happens in The 150, stays in The 150," and we stick by that. If you wish to share intel outside of the group, you must get written clearance from the member who's information you wish to share, from them directly.
  7. Do I have to pay fees once I'm a member? Yes, this isn't a charity.
  8. What do I get as a free-member? You can access our speaker presentations and speed networking only.
  9. Can I sell to other members? Not directly. If members know who you are and what you do, they can reach out to work with you directly but we are adamant about not soliciting business from other members.
  10. Do I have to pay all our fees up front? No, we have a rolling fee structure that allows you to pay over the course of the year.
  11. Who came up with this? Our Founder, George Morris while he was looking for a more relevant & helpful community network for entrepreneurs in around the globe. It's based on the scientific research of Robin Dunbar.
  12. Is this a limited membership group? Yes, it's limited in the sense that we're capped at 150 members.
  13. What happens when you get to 150? Access to the group will be granted only from other entrepreneurs that are willing to sell their seat in the group.
  14. Where are you based? We're based in Colorado - 2 hours behind Eastern Time (US).
  15. I run a small company, can I join? Yes, as long as you've hired and fired staff (it's all part of the deal!) you should come along and check us out.

We're on the socials :)